From Useless Barn To Outstanding Working Space

When it comes to Valerio Olgiati, we all know his name is a synonym of creative vision, transformation and unusual style. The latest work of the designer left the world of design speechless as he presented an example how to transform an old barn into a working modern oasis.

old barn into working space

The creative designer had a client, who wanted to create a space for work in his old barn. At first the architecture of the barn, located in the village of Scharans wasn’t very open to any change, but the designer has succeeded to change the construction of the down level of the building.

old barn into working space1

The transformation of the old barn included inserting geometrical elements, entirely new windows and doors, as well as furniture that opens and lights the space. This way the old barn was also equipped with new floors and ceilings.

old barn into working space2

The colors were left untouched, but inside the so called Atelier house, Bardill represented a geometrical play of colors and shapes. The outside look of the barn faced several changes. The designer simply added geometrical stamps on the entire construction.


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