Quick Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

The most personal room in the house for most people, the bedroom needs to reflect what is important to you and convey a feeling of tranquility at the same time.

A house for the soul where dreams are incubated, it needs to complement the overall theme and feeling of the rest of your house.

While quick design ideas for bedroom interiors are numerous, you need to ensure that every detail is exactly what you want.

Whether it’s symbolic or literal, the elements that make up your bedroom need to reflect your personal preference.

Whether you are designing a master bedroom, teen’s room or kid’s room, here are few basic starting points for renovating or creating the bedroom from scratch:

Choose the perfect theme for your bedroom

Various classical styles and themes are available to offset the background of a bedroom: from Egyptian and Gothic, to modern, Greek or Roman, the list endless. Discuss with your interior designer whether you want to follow a theme or manufacture a style which contains eclectic elements from a variety of designs.

Add colors

Give serious consideration to the color scheme. Think about the message that you want to deliver and select colors that create the atmosphere you require, rather than just selecting your favorite color. While blue may be your favorite color, you might feel that white is a better backdrop for a peaceful environment and allows for splashes of color elsewhere in your bedroom.

If you want to create an inviting and cozy bedroom, go for orange, pink, red and warm yellow. However, if the room is sunny and tends to overheat, try to stick with blues and greens, which come in both warm and cool shades.

Focus on window treatments

Select curtains or blinds that match with the color of your bedroom. Get enough fabric to reach the floor and get it stitched at one end to allow the curtain rod to slide through. After hanging curtains, drape them on the side and secure with an unusual tie back. Ensure that curtains are hung elegantly and bunch prettily on the floor.

Get a better lighting system

Lighting is extremely important aspect of the bedroom. If you are installing ceiling lights in your bedroom, simply install a low wattage bulb to create a cozy glow. Most lighting stores offer a vast collection of traditional items as well as unique contemporary styles and designs. Be sure to select a design that doesn’t clash with your bedroom theme and colors.

Ask your children and friends for their input to help make your favorite room the dreamiest room in the house.


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