3 Tips For Choosing A Chandelier To Create A Perfect Ambience

Need a sophisticated display of light to add ambience to a dull room? A carefully selected chandelier, which co-ordinates or contrasts with the décor, can revolutionize the atmosphere of any room in the house.

Though dining rooms are the settings most conventionally associated with chandeliers, there’s nothing to stop using them to add a stylish touch to any other room, including the bathroom.

Just make sure that your chandelier blends with the décor and is in proportion to other aspects of the room. For example, an intricate chandelier can be overwhelming in a small room if it is too large.

By the same token, a small chandelier can fade into insignificance in a massive space.

Selecting the chandelier:

Measure the room: Take into account the individual specifications of each room when selecting a chandelier.

For example, for the dining room, measure the width of the dining table and deduct 12 inches to ascertain the size of the fitting you need. If you’re choosing a chandelier for the bedroom, make the bed the focal point and deduct inches of the bed width to ascertain the desired size.

Create a mood: Why do you want a chandelier in the room? Do you want it to create style to the room or just add lighting? If you want to create a chic, stylish ambience, go for a modern chandelier to complement the taste, theme and décor of the room.

If the main motive is lighting, select large chandeliers which bring extra luminosity to the room. In general, traditional chandeliers are great for extra lighting, while Tiffany chandeliers add a sense of graciousness.

Lighting style: Once you have decided on the mood, theme and size of the chandelier think about the lighting style. Do you want lots of light or an elegant ambience? If you’re into a traditional, gracious look, choose a chandelier which reflects directly on the roof, as it bounces back the lighting. If lighting is more your aim, get chandeliers that throw light directly on the floor to ensure light reaches every corner of the room.

Whatever style you choose, make sure that it is mounted at an appropriate height. For example, if the length of your room is nine feet, mount the chandeliers at a distance of 30 inches from the focal point where you plan to place the chandelier.

Use bulbs of 200 to 400 watts to ensure the light reaches all parts of the room. Hang it at least 30 inches from the surface of a table to ensure no heads are bumped.


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