Easy Steps to Get a Beach Themed Bedroom

Beaches for many symbolize serenity, calmness and relaxation, apart from breath taking scenic beauties. These days it is quite in fashion to model one or two of the rooms in your residence themed after nature.

Many people tend to choose beach themed bedrooms since bedrooms are also synonymous with tranquility and peace, just like a sea beach. Here are a few tips as to how you can turn your bedroom into a beautiful beach themed one in some simple steps.

steps to get a beach themed bedroom

Tips for Creating a Beach Themed Bedroom

By following some very easy steps, you can create a beautiful bedroom on the theme of a sea beach. Here is how-

Subtle Aquatic Colors for the Wall

In order to make a beautiful bed room you will first need to paint you walls with colors like white, sea blue, teal blue, blue. Choose one wall on which you can draw or get someone to draw water waves.

Contrasting Beach Themed Hues

To have the beach feel, get furniture that is white in color, including the bed, the wardrobe, the chaises etc. In order to enhance the effect, color your walls in lighter shades of blue and not just white.

Beach Symbols

Next, use some accessories that are completely connected with the beach. For example buy bed accessories themed on the sea – hang a hammock at one side of the room, preferably near the window, get some star fish themed pillows, and so forth. Basically, use your creative ideas and make the bedroom “beachy”.

Serene Lights

Lighting for the room is also very important to bring in the beach feel. The suggestion here would be using of white lights instead of the yellow lights. The white lights are closer to sun rays during the evening. Avoid the yellow lights as it takes away the breeziness of a room that is based on sun sand and water.

Window Effects

In a room themed on the sea beach, it is very important to have windows so that there is a breezy and radiant look of the room. However make sure that your windows have blinds, albeit in coordination with the décor of the room.

Minute Details

After you have done the major part of the dressing up of the room, it is time to take care of small detailing. Take a bowl full of sand, put some sea shells and keep on the shelves. You can add the most realistic twist to the room décor by taking a fish bowl with one or two fishes in it and keeping at one corner of the room. Use live plants to decorate the windowpane. And, voila! Your dream bedroom themed on the sea beach is ready

You can also talk to home decoration expert and take their advice. It is indeed fun to have a beach themed bedroom, especially if you love sea and the sand; maintaining it takes a bit hard work though!


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