Kwik Set’s Smart Key To Give You Safety From Lock Bumping

If you are not providing proper security to your home, you will not feel at ease when you leave the house. [Home Security System]

If you want peace of mind regarding the bumping of keys, invest in the Kwik Set’s Smart key dead bold.

This locking system has the unbumpable technology that avoids the traditional pins and tumbler system and it uses side locking bar.

This smart key dead bolt uses a revolutionary design that enables house owners to re-key their own lock without removing it from the door.

You are provided with a learn tool which makes the re-keying happen. When you do not have the master key to open the door, you can use Kwikset alternative keys for operating the lock.

How alternative key is used in opening the door?

  1. Insert the functional key or alternative key in the lock and turn it in a clock-wise direction.
  2. Insert the learn tool in the upper slot and reset the lock mechanism, then remove the tool and key.
  3. Insert new key and turn it in a clockwise direction.

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