Pearl Baths Are The Latest Trends In Bath Decoration

Among the places in our home where we rest our body releasing it from stress, where we claim our share of silence, the bathtub represents an over sized cup of pleasure.


With the evolution of society’s cultural level, the bathtub is no longer just a place where we clean our body, in time it became a place of relaxation or even meditation. No stress level would be reduced and no meditation could be made in a simple uncomfortable bathtub and this is why Ambrosia collection by Pearl baths not only rises to the expectations but also goes beyond the most exigent dream of a perfect bath.

Made out of excellent quality materials and using the latest technology, the bathtubs from Ambrosia collection are exceeding any expectations integrating all the equipment that each and every one of us needs for a complete and so much desired therapy.


The collection can be compared with an in-home spa, with the morph of five therapies that can take out the tons of stress we gather during our busy lives:  air therapy, chromo therapy and heat therapy. Safety is not left behind, the handles are smart designed so they integrate the overall design of the bathtub.

All this would be nothing without the looks. Bathtubs from Ambrosia collection doesn’t only perform well, they also look great. With freestanding design as well as a drop-in design, the bathtubs from Pearl baths can suit any bathroom design and will charm the eyes first thing when entering the bathroom.

There is a place where no one is allowed to enter, no one is allowed to bother us when trying to relax, now this place called bathroom is brought to perfection by Ambrosia collection. Relaxing with style in a stylish bath which has all that we need has never been easier.

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