Smart and Fast Christmas Decoration

With plenty to do, the festive season is a busy time. Cooking, baking, shopping, the list is endless.

At the same time you need to spruce up the home with Christmas decoration too. If only these could be done with the little time on hand.

Despair not because here are a few quick decoration ideas, which will take very little time to add personalized decor to your home.

These smart center pieces will add elegance to any dining table or even a designated corner table in the drawing room.

These can be done with simple things available at home or bought cheaply at the nearest craft store.

A platter can be used as the base or the decor can be put straight on the table, with a thick plastic sheet under it to protect the table surface.

Create a base with pine leaves, holly or cedar branches. All of these can be used together to add texture to the centerpiece.

Candles in holiday color, pillar candles, candles of different heights, Christmas ornaments etc can be used in the center to create a unique piece.

A combination of candles or even ornaments in varying sizes piled in the center give a unique look.

Colorful bows, ribbons, pine cones or Christmas ornaments can be used around the candles to make the piece look more colorful and inviting.

These fast and easy to assemble Christmas decor will add a personalized charm to your home this Christmas.


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