Propane Fireplaces, Pros And Cons

Propane FireplaceIt is of course difficult to beat how picturesque and cozily romantic a real fire place is, however there are many reasons that you may prefer a Propane fire place over it:

  • For one there is no wood to gather, chop and coax into being lit
  • Secondly it is far more environment friendly to have a propane fireplace rather than a wood fireplace. Wood is precious, takes a lot of time to grow and if there is an alternative, it really should not be used as kindling. Plus wood smoke creates a lot of pollution, where as the propane gives off no smoke or smell.
  • You don’t have to be a boy scout to be able to light a propane fire, it gets done literally with a click.
  • It can even look like the real thing

A propane fireplace has the following drawbacks however:

  • Installation can be difficult and takes more time and effort
  • One needs a direct line for it to operate, if there is no direct line, one would need to use a portable tank.
  • This could turn out fairly costly, since there is the fitting and installation, to say nothing of the recurring cost of running to factor in.


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