Innovative Shower Stands Will Give The Bathroom A Certain Personality

Want to feel like you are caught up in a time capsule while soaping and relaxing after a long day’s work?

In a trendy round glass shower enclosure you can put away your worries and pamper yourself.  Shower stalls can be a functional addition to your bathroom and the glass shower is the most popular design for any type of bathroom nowadays.

Elegant and stylish, shower enclosures can come in rectangular, round or D-shapes. A round enclosure would certainly give a sleek touch from a home decorating magazine to your bathroom.

Innovative-showers-1Not only will the boxy look of a square shower disappear, but you will also be able to use much more of the floor space available. You will have the perfect solution of combining a generous showering space within a small area.

Innovative-showers-5Available in any colors in fiberglass, strengthened glass or perplex or with the added  subtle glow provided by LED strip lights, the new shower enclosure can change the look of your bathroom, irrespective of being limited by space or not.

Innovative-showers-4Clear glass will give the illusion of space, while colored or etched glass can give you more privacy. While you have been used to white as the color for your bathroom, color can bring new life to this part of the house.

Innovative-showers-2Styles, shapes or designs can be adjusted to your tastes so you can create a small oasis where you will feel the comfort you need.

Frame less showers can be more easily kept clean and will stay in as-if-new condition. Manufacturers have produced even perfectly round shower enclosures without any frames. Curved doors made from glass can slide open for access in more traditional designs. Behind the simplicity of a modern shower enclosure there are materials produced with cutting-edge technology.

Innovative-showers-6But most of all, their elegant look is a treat for the eyes.

Source : roca


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