Warmed Towels, Lovely Design, Slick Bathroom Accessory

You always knew that something was missing from your bathroom but didn’t know what?

Aeon gives you now the answer to this frustrating question: a towel warmer rack that will make your day.

For sure you hate the fact that after you enjoyed a good shower after a long day at work you get so cold after coming out of the tub. Who doesn’t like to be wrapped in lovely warm towels after taking a long bath? So Aeon released these radiators designed by Saffet Kalender so it will give you that final touch to your sweet home.

A modern five – rung design made out of the highest quality of stainless steel, increasing in depth from the base until the top, having a lot of space where you can deposit your towels while keeping them warm for you by having a output of 1272W, fits the description of Bosporus Z, an updated version of the Bosporus.

Not only it will keep your towels warm, but they will also help in increasing the temperature of your bathroom so that you won’t risk catching a cold after going out of the hot tub.

As a conclusion, this season, a towel warmer rack from Aeon is a must-have!


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