The Look Of Vintage Wood For A Trendy Bathroom Floor

It looks like wood, does it not? Well… think again! It is pure ceramic.

More precisely, Ironwood wood effect ceramic tiles by Fondovalle will charm you by its ability to mix the beauty and functionality of both materials.

Not only that it has that beautiful effect of comfort and style, but its structure is solid enough to last for more than a lifetime.

If you decide to place these wonderful creations inside your home, you can choose out of different colors: Black Burnt, Oak, White, Walnut finishes, both simple and painted with lovely flower details.

The dimensions also vary: from 36 by 6 inches to 36 by 8 inches, and they can be applied on walls, floors or other places that come into your mind, places that can be enhanced by their color and style.

Both warm and practical, the wood effect ceramic tiles by Fondovalle will surely give you the comfort and pleasure you are looking for in a finishing.

The Italian creators at Fondovalle use the newest techniques and of course the most stylish materials in order to impregnate their decorations collections with the maximum of elegance. You will be convinced of that if you visit their website and the rest of their pieces.

Source: trendir


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