Great Tips For A Tiny Bathroom

If you have a tiny bathroom space that you want to optimize, try the following:

Light colors: Make sure the tiles or the colors of the walls are light, not deep and dense as this would create a more cramped ambience.

Light colors offer the illusion of more light and space than do darker colors. Ideally even the flooring of the bathroom should be light colored. If it is not possible to do so, use a light colored carpet or rug to do the job.

Mirrors: One large mirror or even an entire wall of the bath being converted to a mirror can offer the illusion of double the space that actually is available. [Bathroom mirrors]

Avoid pedestal basins or sinks: In a small bathroom, you may have difficulty finding storage space; for this reason it is best to accommodate a vanity beneath the sink to save space. For this reason, it is best not to have a pedestal sink.

Keep it see through: For the shower stall use clear glass or clear curtains. See through material offers the illusion of more space than opaque materials.

Organize and declutter: An untidy or cluttered bathroom can appear smaller than it actually is. If you keep it clean, uncluttered and organized you will not only find it looking more attractive, you will also find more space in it.


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