Fincube Proves How The German Touch Can Turn Minimalist Into Masterpiece

When Werner Aisslinger considered that the urban life would like a modern but smartly designed expression of architecture, he dreamed of a loft created out of the simple idea of multi-functionality. Using eco friendly materials the Fincube covers all the basics in revolutionary design.

More than a simple home, this complex building able to be broken into pieces, transported and rebuilt at the site, is becoming the most viable choice for any mobile home amateur.

The building has all the features of a complete house, ergonomic design and revolutionary vision. The building’s ability to be moved from one place to another turns it into a sustainable way of living.

Being made of wood it fits perfectly any natural habitat and leaves no marks on the environment.

The wood structure has incorporated all the necessary features of a standard home but nothing from the footprint those homes leave on the environment.

So if you are fond of a sustainable life and on a look for a versatile home design, the tyrolese building style can turn you into the proud owner of a complex home which can offer you the fine living you need.


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