Computer Generated Art Will Change Completely The Concept Of Home Décor

In case you really want to renovate your home décor and are in a process of choosing options for the interior, you should consider an unusual décor and design studio – Depot Art. This German designer studio isn’t like the others that are promising innovation, because they really make a bespoke art.

What really counts is their last collection Kugeln. The Kugeln collection is literally the collection that represents the link between the communication and the art, between the real life and the cyber space of ideas.

In a century, where technologies and communications are the key words, the Depot Art studio is a real showcase for computer generated art. Each piece of their collection is different.

The main idea of Kugeln limited edition series is to represent communication, which becomes high-speed sculptures.

You can purchase their mini sculptures or paintings, inspired by the century of the communication. The producers of Kugeln are now going to take part in several international contests about the innovative home decoration and art.


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