Bathroom Vanity Trends 2011

In case you haven’t decorated your bathroom, this is the right moment to do it. The trends for the bathrooms are very daring, lavish and stylish.

In case you are going to change the décor in your bathroom, here are the most modern bathroom decors of the year. If you are a green lover, the eco friendly design idea may be the one for you. Start with the materials. Go for natural wood and stone, for these are the materials that stay close to the nature.

bathroom trends

You can install modern bathroom vanities; add some sleek bathtubs and accessories made out of eco-friendly materials. The color palette should be neutral or green, in order to keep the spirit of the nature in your bath.

In case you want a really luxurious bathroom, go for modern bath accessories. Install a modern stainless steel bathroom towel heater. The bathroom fixtures are also important.

Replace the old fixtures with colorful modern sinks and bathroom faucets. Don’t hesitate to add some bright coloring in your bath; it is already popular and trendy. Instead of placing the common neutral curtains, go for bright ones.

bathroom vanity

Choose a modern bathroom cabinet, place bright towels and don’t forget that the little things are the most important, when refreshing the interior.

The bathroom candles are must have, as well as the big mirrors on the walls. The most lavish bathtubs are made out of Italian marble and silver accents; so don’t hesitate to place more luxurious items in your bath. In case you like to spend more time in your bathtub, place a plasma TV on the wall. This way you can enjoy your bath, while watching TV.

If you don’t like much the modern bathroom gadgets, go for the classical decors, but choose different accents, in order to refresh the common bathroom look. The natural color of the wood would be very nice for the bathroom vanities, especially if you want to keep your bath looks modern, but yet traditional.

bathroom vanity trends

Turn your bathroom into a relaxing oasis by adding contemporary bath showers. Most of the modern showers provide spinal and foot massage with water jets, aromatherapy and so on.

Don’t forget the bathroom furniture. You can add a cozy table and sofa in vintage style. A painting on the wall is a very daring step; you can do it if you want to create a different bath décor.

Yet, the classic look is preferable, especially when combined with the right accessories. The bathroom carpets also matter, so add smooth and puffy rugs.


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