Floor Lamps – A Design Element To Wow Visitors

No matter how beautifully a room is decorated, if there isn’t enough or proper lighting for it – it will fall flat. This is where floor lamps can be of great assistance. Not only do they provide illumination, they are a décor element all by themselves.

floor lampsUnlike lighting that is suspended from the ceiling or the walls, floor lamps can offer more focused lighting when and where required. They also create interesting areas of light and shade in a room that add more character to a room.

Here are some tips to use floor lamps optimally and to create maximum impact in a room –

  • If you have any décor items such as a beautiful vase, an elegant sculpture, a painting or similar artifact that you want to accentuate, then you can effectively use floor lamps to focus attention on to it. This will not only make the item properly and clearly visible, it will make the area the focal point of the room.
  • If you have dark or drab corners of the room that need brightening up or which are not properly illuminated by the other forms of light in the room, this could make the room appear smaller and less attractive. Floor lamps, strategically placed can help to perk up that dark corner and bring it to life, also making the room appear larger.
  • To illuminate a small part of a room or to create a light focus on a particular design facet, use smaller floor lamps, or use table lamps. If however you want to illuminate a larger portion of the room, then use taller floor lamps that could be as high as the average human and therefore able to deliver more light around the room.
  • If you are using floor lamps in a room that has a TV, make sure that the lamp is not placed too close to the TV or that it doesn’t cast its light directly onto the screen. Medium intensity, diffuse or indirect light is best for TV viewing; so make sure that floor lamps that you use in that room are not placed close to the TV.
  • A real benefit of making clever use of floor lamps is that they can be a decorative element by themselves. An interesting style of lamp, made from unusual materials or in a new and contemporary design style will create ornamentation by itself. So if you don’t have any artifacts or object d’art in a particular corner of a room, and it appears bare or dull, then a clever use of floor lamps will obviate the problem.
  • Many floor lamps are such that they are very versatile – you can change lampshade colors or patters in accordance with other upholstery of the home or even with the seasons. If you use lighter colors and fabrics for curtains and other upholstery in the summer and heavier or darker items in winter, your floor lamps can reflect this.

So be creative, be bold and create interesting oases of light and shade in a room and decorate it optimally with a clever use of floor lamps.


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