Dorm Room Organizing Tips

The dorm room is home away from home for most college students who decide to study away from their homes. It is thus essential to make them their haven where they can study and unwind. The room needs to meet all their practical needs and at the same time be nice and inviting.

Most students can’t afford to splurge and need to look for economical additions to their room to make it livable. Decorating a dorm room can be challenging and fun and does not have to be expensive. One can spend as much or as little as they like to.

dorm room organization

It is definitely more fun if the dorm partners can agree on a color scheme or décor theme if not, it is only fair that each of them make their part of the dorm their own. So the same dorm may end up with completely different looks for each of the partners.

Irrespective of the theme or colors that you choose a few things are basic necessities. Comfortable bedding, adequate storage, proper lighting and personal space are the aspects you can’t do without.

You can look for bargains at places like Wal-Mart, Target or other thrift stores and end up with great stuff for your dorm. It’s a good idea to start with a comforter that defines you. It will also help you to pick on a color scheme for your part of the dorm.

dorm room

You can choose comforters with prints or look for solids too. Most dorms have twin beds which are longer than normal; so pick twin bed-sheets that are longer.

You can increase storage space by raising your bed and creating space underneath it. You can do this with the help of cement blocks or if you have the money, with rack raisers. Use plastic stack crates under your bed, near your table or even in the closet to help with storage. It will also keep your stuff more organized.

dorm room decor

Closet organizers are a good choice to help keep your closet well organized so that you don’t have to turn it upside down when you are searching for your favorite belt or lipstick. Pick up plastic hooks with suction caps and put them on your closet door to give you space to hang stuff.

Give your creativity a free reign and make the wall your canvas. Options like laundry line with suction caps and even a chain with clip hangers gives you a lot of space to hang out your latest creations or photos or even important notes. You can even choose to have a dry wipe board or cork board where you can write/pin your memos, important notes or whatever you wish. Posters and wall art also add that personal touch to your dorm.

Simple additions and ideas can help you decorate your dorm within your budget. Remember to check out your dorm rules before you go about redecorating.


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