Bathroom Colors For All Bathroom Styles

While most of the time redecorating a home can be fun, many people feel they are at a loss when it comes to choosing bathroom colors for their shower areas.

However, there is no reason to be nervous about choosing bathroom colors, because it can be quite fun to pick out an aquatic theme for your bathroom that will make every morning shower just a little more friendly.

Plus, your bathroom colors are one of the first things that people will notice when they step into your bathroom while visiting your home.

The bathroom colors you choose will either highlight the charm of your home, or completely repel a person from their experience as a guest.

Cozy Bathroom

If you want a comfortable cozy bathroom, you may choose bathroom colors such as ivory and red with plenty of potpourri to keep the bathroom smelling fresh and looking clean.

A nice red will accent your base bathroom colors to give a sharp look that will match any potpourri you will place in it.

Plus, the red towels as an accent will hide any dirt from guest’s hands, and stand out perfectly against the ivory. Additionally, another great set of bathroom colors that will keep your bathroom looking cozy, are hunter green and soft yellow, because the neutral will stand out against the dark rich green.

Aquatic Themes

If you want to run with the aquatic themes that bathrooms inspire, you may choose to go with blues and whites and some nice fish to place around the bathroom on your carpets, towels, and curtains.

In fact, many sea life prints have bright yellows and oranges on the fish, so you may want to go with nice pale blue and yellow accents to give the bathroom a sharp look.

Orange accents may sit nicely against the blue as well so long as you do not choose to bright and strong of an orange shade.

Classic Bathroom

For those who like the more classic stainless steel bathroom colors, you may simply choose off white because it will not show as much dirt and wear, but can still be accented plainly and sharply with granite and other silver materials.

If most of your fixtures are silver toned, then you may be able to go with a deep off white color, or even a white with blue tints and still be able to leave some spark in your bathroom colors.


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