Great Options If You Need New Bathroom Flooring

If you are looking into replacing your bathroom flooring, there are several things to consider before you start.

First of all you need to decide how much you are willing to spend, and most importantly what kind of bathroom flooring you want to feel underfoot (literally!) every morning or evening of your life.

Believe it or not, you can even have carpet as a bathroom flooring option if your bathroom does not flood too often, but that choice is entirely up to you, and how often you find your sink, bathtub, or toilet overflowing.

Vinyl Flooring in Squares

Most people choose vinyl or ceramic for their bathroom flooring because they come in tiles [Bathroom Tiles] and are easy to clean on a constant basis.

However, one thing you do have to keep in mind is that while squares are easy to replace, and certainly easy to lay down in the first place, whenever you use bathroom flooring that is applied in squares, germs can breed in the spaces between the squares.

Thus, while they may be great water protectors and easy to clean, you may suffer water damage to the bathroom flooring in between the seams and you may have to clean down in the seams if you want a germ free bathroom.

Vinyl Flooring on the Roll

Of course, vinyl also comes in rolls, which is a much healthier choice, but this can be a problem if you find one section starts to chip, as you will have to replace the entire surface of bathroom flooring, which can be costly down the line and a major pain.

Of course if price is not an object, then by all means roll out the paper and use a surface that will protect well against water, germs, and cleans up easily.

Natural Stones

Actually, if price is not an object in your bathroom flooring, you may consider using limestone or marble for your bathroom flooring.

Although these surfaces can be expensive, with antique bath wear, you can turn your bathroom [Bathroom Designs] into a very classic and elegant place to bathe.

Many people also enjoy the cool feel of stone under their feet when they step out of the shower, so this may be a bathroom flooring consideration for you to keep in mind.

Stone is also very durable and hardly affected by water, so you will find that if you have occasional flooding in your bathroom that the stone floors will hold up well.


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