Add A Water Garden To Your Outdoor Living Space

Do you want to turn your back yard into a tranquil garden? A water garden is the solution.

It is both natural and aesthetically pleasing, and have a soothing effect on stressed nerves.

Besides providing a tranquil haven for your body and soul after a hectic day at work, water gardens and ponds add a sociable element to your outdoor living area.

Simple and easy to construct, there are countless benefits to installing water gardens in your outdoor living space or back yard.

Here are a few essential facts you need to know about water gardens before choosing them:

Locate suitable area

When you’ve decided to build a water garden, it is very important to decide where you want to put it. Try to find a place that you’ll be able to see from your porch. This will allow you to receive the most pleasure from your water garden.

Bear in mind that your water pond must receive enough sunshine for plants to grow, and factor this into your choice of position.

Choose water garden plants

When selecting plants for your water garden, choose a combination of day and night blooming plant varieties. This can provide you with a tropical pleasure all day and also at night. The most popular water garden plants are water lilies, which come in a variety of colors. If your water pond is shallow, go for a lotus, the most dramatic and eye-catching water lily, that edges around your pool.

Clean the pond

No matter how much preparation you’ve done for your water pond, it’s not going to look good if you don’t maintain and care for it. Clean it on a regular basis and keep the plants nourished.

Control algae

A major problem in water gardens is the growth of algae, which can threaten the growth of other plants in your outdoor living space. Anticipate problems caused by algae in your water garden, before the situation becomes serious. Read about watershed management and speak to your supplier about mild chemical treatments.

Apart from following these basic steps, brightly colored fish can enliven your water pond and enhance the tropical setting.


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