4 Things To Consider When Buying A New Living Room Chandelier

living room chandelierBuying a chandelier for your living room decor not only provides a source of light but also brings a certain class or sophistication to your room.

Chandeliers are considered to be the diamond standard of lighting fixtures.

However, there are many styles and types available to choose from.

If this is your first chandelier purchase, there are definite things you will want to consider. Consider the following four tips and you are sure to make the best purchase of chandelier for your home.

1. Don’t be overwhelmed by the ads you see or the catalogs you read, chandeliers can be purchased at a reasonable price. While many companies will put the top of the line product on display, there are many other models to choose from.

If your budget is tight you can always choose a polymer type chandelier, rather than a crystal chandelier. However, if you have the money to spend a Swarovski chandelier, it can be a beautiful addition to any home. You should also consider price based on where the piece will hang, a private reading room may not warrant the chandelier a formal living room would.

2. Understand the standards used for chandeliers before making a purchase. While you may think a chandelier has rough edges and mistakes, this may actually be a sign of excellence.

A “one of a kind chandelier” crafted by a professional craftsman will have flaws or marks of individuality. Make sure you understand the standards before you start shopping around.

3.If quality is your top concern, you should know it is not size but clarity that sets the standard. It is not always the largest chandelier that is the most expensive.

In many cases you will find that a simple one tiered Murano glass chandelier will be much more expensive than a five tiered bohemian glass model.

Make sure you are clear on the standards set for glass and crystal before making a purchase. To the untrained eye every chandelier may appear to be equal.

4. When you have decided that you want to use a chandelier you may also want to consider additional sources of light. While the chandelier will be your main source of light, it may not provide enough in some areas of your room.

Consider buying matching lamps or wall sconces if you will be reading or working in the room and need plenty of light. It is usually best to buy these items at the same time to be sure you can find a match. [Importance of lighting]

As you can see, purchasing a new chandelier for your living room is not the same as buying any other light fixture. You have to consider price, craftsmanship, and glass or crystal quality when choosing the best piece.

While it may seem like you would just pick the piece that best matches your décor, it can be much more complicated than that. Do your homework and you are sure to find a great deal and a beautiful chandelier for your home.


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