6 Living Room Decoration Ideas

living room1The living room is the central place where family gatherings, social events and celebrations take place.

Bringing creative energy to this room can change the look of your home.

If your living room is dull and lacks energy, you can make it vibrant simply by following a few tips:

Tips to decorate living room:

  1. If your living room does not get sunlight, paint the walls of the room with yellow to provide the illusion of bright sunlight. The correct yellow shade can serve as a neutral when you combine it with other colors.
  2. Make your living room brighter by placing vases of fresh yellow and red flowers on tables, windows or throughout your living room. Yellow and red flowers add energy to the room and provide refreshment.
  3. If your living room does not have windows, install a skylight in the ceiling of the room. Skylights will give your living room a new atmosphere.
  4. Brighten your living room by adding throw rugs with bold designs and colors.
  5. You can also brighten the living room by adding small lamps or high intensity lights. If you are using dark colors for painting the living room, more lighting is needed to keep the room bright.
  6. Living rooms can look small and dark with the presence of clutter. Remove clutter lying around. Check for any items you can remove from the room to give a spacious look. If present, move out of your room.


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