Novelty Fabrics for Sale

Ever visited a café and spent more time appreciating the cover of the sofa than sipping on your coffee? Passed a stranger on the road and wondered where he or she bought her top from? Visited a friend’s house and wondered where you would get quilts with quirky and offbeat prints like that?

Luckily for you, eye catching prints and designs that grab your attention can now be turned into a piece of clothing, home décor or quilt that you can own. Online fabric stores such as have a stupendous collection of fabrics that you can choose from to turn into your own favourite item.

The kind of available designs, prints, material, designer and cost is also impressive and you can simply pick and choose the fabric you want and have it delivered to you.timeless treasures fabric

Novelty prints, also known as conversational prints, which could be one of the more ‘offbeat’ and eye-catching prints (hence termed as ‘conversational’) is also something which you can lay your hands on.

Offered by Timeless Treasures fabric, they are a collection of truly innovative prints that typically includes symbols and motifs with a certain theme. With its origins in the 1950s, these prints often depict places, professions, activities or holidays that are defined by their trademark ‘kitschness’.

Novelty prints offer an oft-needed break from the pool of floral prints or standard stripes and checks. True to their name, they often create space for starting conversations given the uniqueness of the prints.

The range offered by Timeless Treasures fabric  is quite remarkable and crazy (just as it should be)! Mostly in pure cotton or cotton blends fiber, these fabrics are mostly priced between 9USD to 13 USD. There are also many brands and designers whose work they feature such Debi Hron, Gail Cadden and George McCartney.

Mostly suited for quilting, these fabrics promise to be fun and fashionable! Among other prints, Timeless Treasures fabric specializes in beach and nautical prints and has a great collection of the same.

timeless treasures fabric

Some of the animal prints featurea clutter of multi-coloured cats at 10.34 USD, dog bones and paws at 10.11 USD, school of bright yellow bees buzzing around against a black backdrop at USD 9.95 or some crazy cat heads floating aimlessly in space for 9.95 USD, a pack of colourful dachshunds roaming around in sweaters for 9.99 USD.

If animal prints aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, you could consider some other prints such as galaxy and space themed fabrics, or even their collection of floral prints that still manage to retain their uniqueness in peculiar ways. Those looking for a rush down memory lane can go for the Pacman print and the foodies can choose from ice-creams and lollies to pizzas and sushis.

Newbies who wish to tread the path of novelty prints but want to start off a little easy, Timeless Treasures does offer timeless black and white stripes, multi-coloured stripes, geometric designs and metallic butterflies.

So whether you want floating cat heads or simple stripes, you know where to order from!


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