Ways To Modernize Your Home Decor

home decorAre you tired of living in a home that looks like something out of a 1970s magazine?

Have you finally had enough of the dark paneling and paisley flowers? If so, there are many ways you can modernize your home’s interior décor.

You no longer have to explain your friends and family how you are trying to go for the vintage look.

In as little as a weekend you can quickly update your look and have the home you’ve always dreamed about. Consider the following step-by-step process, for giving your home a new modern look.

Take Advantage of the Trash Can

The first step to enjoying your new home is throwing out anything over 10 years old. If your throw pillows, wall hangings, or even your furniture is over a decade old they need to go. On average decorating trends endure quite a change over the course of a decade.

For this reason, anything you have that is older than 10 years has probably long ago when out of style. After all, anything older than 10 years probably has a decent amount of wear and tear in the first place.

Start With Your Walls

In years past there have been two main styles for interior walls. You could either cover the walls with paneling, or paint the whole house white. Neither of these techniques is particularly appealing. [Interior wall painting]

For a new modern look consider using colorful paints and designs. While you may not want your home to look like a circus, there are many ways to tastefully add a splash of color to your walls. Consider using alternating colors on your walls and ceilings, and give each room its own design.

Update Your Floors

Consider giving your rooms a new look by updating your flooring. You have two options. You can either rip out your existing flooring, or redecorate with flooring accents. While new flooring can be costly it does add permanent value to your home.

However, using throw or area rugs can allow you to change the look of your room easily. This can be very helpful when you get tired of the routine flooring designs, and these products are much cheaper. You can easily set the tone of your rooms by changing the look of your flooring.

Choose Your Decorations

The final step of updating your home is choosing modern decorations. If you have no idea where to start, you might look through modern design magazines or books. You can also visit home furnishings stores to get a better idea of what is available today.

In today’s modern environment bigger is better, and less is more. This means you should choose overstuffed furniture designs, and fewer items that will clutter up your space. Clean lines and open spaces are at the forefront of today’s home interior styles.

Updating your home for a modern style is not hard. However, if you feel overwhelmed and frustrated you might consider enlisting the help of contractors and interior decorators for a quick fix. These professionals often offer free consultations to help you understand what your options are.


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