The Importance Of Lighting

lightingThe lighting scheme in a household is fundamental both for our mood and to the general ambience we create in the house.

Creating a variation of light schemes with the use of varied light intensity will confer a home its charm and also influence our general mood.

The light quality will affect the way we relax, study, work and feel in our house.

There are three kinds of strategic lighting we can use: a feature light for enhancing objects in the house, a pleasing general light and a functional lighting for more practical purposes. [Lighting Techniques]

In home interiors, a correct lighting scheme is considered as part of the overall plan of the home.

If the lights are correctly and artfully placed they will enhance certain areas, help enlarge spaces that are too small and create a welcoming atmosphere.

A room can be completely transformed with a different lighting fixture, paintable wall lighting is a good solution if you want to create a mellow setting, and these fixtures come in different designs to suit all preferences.

It is also important to be able to have different light intensities in the same household, in order to adapt to the different needs and activities carried out in each room.

Individual overhead lighting, decorative lighting or reading lighting; a light for each specific area will create a specific and personal atmosphere.


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