Improve Your Safety with a Wireless Security System

You’ve already learned how to improve the value of your home. Now that you’ve made all of those renovations, what are you going to do to keep them (and your family) safe? The last thing you want is for a break in or burglary to make your home seem unsafe and thereby decrease the value after you’ve done all of that work.

There are lots of different things that you can do to keep your home and the family that lives inside of it safe. You can install an automated system that allows you to lock your doors and windows with the push of a button. You can put in an alarm system. You can install a wireless security system. You can give your neighbors permission to be as nosy as they want to be if they see someone who is not you or your family hanging about.

However, the best security systems aren’t just wireless systems. The best systems incorporate wireless technology, video surveillance and a variety of other things like automatic door locks, smart motion and pressure detection systems, etc.

Automated door and window locks are operated wirelessly with a keyfob that operates the same way that the key fob for your car works. This saves you a lot of time that might have ordinarily been spent searching for your keys. It allows you to get inside quickly even if you have your hands full. It allows you to quickly “batten down the hatches” if you sense nefarious activity outside (or even inside).

A smart motion and pressure detection system can tell the difference between a pet running around at night and an intruder. The best can even tell the difference between someone in your family getting up to use the bathroom or get a drink of water and someone who is not supposed to be there.

Wireless technology allows your security system to be very subtle (not obtrusive or obvious). Cameras and sensors have gotten tiny and easy to hide (and blend in). Doing away with the wires has made them all but invisible. This makes it harder for prowlers to avoid them (because they won’t know where they are).

Better, the wireless systems can be programmed to notify you whenever a sensor is tripped. If someone (or something) activates a sensor, an alert is sent to your smart phone. You can then log into your system and literally see what is going on without having to move from your current location. This means that even if you are not at home you can alert the authorities to a break in at your home while it is still going on.

More importantly: when you can see what’s going on in your house with your phone, you can use that knowledge to get your family to safety (whether that be a hiding place inside the house or outside) without worrying about stumbling across the intruders—which keeps you all safe.

As well as indoor home security make sure you have the outside covered as well with these secure sliding gates for your driveway

The best thing about these systems is that you can customize them to fit the needs of your family. How much security will help you feel safe?


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