Space Saving with Compact Bathroom Furniture

Although the range of designs available for modern bathrooms means that your imagination can be the only limits to what you can achieve, the reality is that for most of us space is also a consideration.

Much of the housing stock in the UK is over a hundred years old and many of these buildings were made before the idea of a dedicated indoor bathroom was something that could be taken for granted. Not only this, but many more recent buildings that are divided into flats can be limited on the amount of space allocated to the bathroom.

Taken altogether it means that many of us live in properties which simply don’t have the space to arrange our bathrooms in the way we would like. Thankfully, the wide range of bathroom fixtures and fittings that are available from Victoria Plumb mean we can utilise fantastic designs to maximise the space we do have.

bathroom furniture

1. Daily storage

The bathroom is used by all members of the family on a daily basis so there is a need for storage solutions that have easy access to the things we need. Save £270 on a white basin vanity unit, which is located under the basin and is the perfect place for items that need to be close at hand and easy to get at.

Coming in a wide range of styles to suit the design scheme you have in place, modern vanity units either blend into the background or form focal points in your bathroom whilst performing a practical function. Victoria Plumb’s Compact Cloakroom Bathroom Furniture provides plenty of options for daily storage – including their compact unit and basin which is available in both classic white and wenge wood finishes.

2. Small items storage

A wall mounted mirror cabinet is the perfect place for small daily use items that also means they are easy to access whilst being tidily stored away out of sight. Mirrors can be used to help create an illusion of greater space in small bathrooms by reflecting light and Victoria Plumb’s range of compact cloakroom bathroom furniture includes classic options such as the 2 door mirror cabinet in classic white or wenge wood finishes.

Alternatively, the Sienna furniture range at Victoria Plumb combines a great range of mirror cabinet options with corresponding basin cabinets, ideal for those looking to add as more storage space to their bathroom as possible. Their mirrors can even be backlit; the ideal way to keep everything clean, calm and under control.

 3. Weekly to monthly storage

Apart from small, frequent use items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, a bathroom will also have a lot of things that need to be stored for less frequent use. Some of these, such as clean towels or robes, can be quite bulky and need larger storage capacities.

wall mounted bathroom cabinet can be a safe and secure solution which, whilst being easy to get to, can also be placed out of the way so as not to take up valuable space in the areas that are used most. Compact wall cabinets from Victoria Plumb boast narrow but tall dimensions and slot easily into bathrooms. Large floor mounted drawer units fitted with ceramic basins, such as those from Victoria Plumb’s Odessa wenge furniture range, are another suitable option.

4. Concealment

Sometimes, certain elements of your bathroom design need to be hidden from view to maintain an uncluttered and stylish appearance. Unless you are lucky enough to have a bathroom large enough to make the toilet cistern a visually attractive piece, you can use a white back to wall toilet unit or a concealed cistern to hide plumbing and maintain a clean lines approach.

Victoria Plumb has plenty of options for this, including wall hung toilet options which appear to float from the ground, as well as numerous other pieces of compact bathroom furniture which are perfect for those looking to make their bathroom comfortable without decreasing accessibility or functionality.


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