Wall Decor Ideas for Bedrooms

Nobody can really imagine a bedroom without any decorations on the walls. In case you are looking forwall décor ideas for bedrooms, the first thing that you have to consider is your lifestyle and then also think about the overall feeling of the room.

Wall Decor Ideas for Bedrooms


If your bedroom wall is white, there is no better idea for you to use, than to add some framed pictures to the wall that will turn into a live collage. Make sure that the pictures come with different colors that repeat according to a certain pattern. However, there shouldn’t be any other connection between them.

Southwest kitsch

In case you are from the southwest, you know what this bedrooms’ wall décor idea is all about. Think about paper garlands and fiesta banners with paper animal heads and old maps. Although you are supposed to use a lot of different items, make sure that you don’t overdo it.


If you are one of the minimalist people, there are some wall décor ideas for bedrooms for you as well. Think about simple white canvas. If you have a lot of items or accessories in the room, think about having three pieces of white canvas placed over the bed.


In case of simpler bedrooms, this one of the wall décor tips for bedrooms works amazing. You just need some colorful circles or dots above the bed. Usually this works if the walls have a bright color, preferably white. The dots will add some color and some life to the room.

Things come into focus

When looking for wall décor ideas for bedrooms for a bedroom that lacks color, the walls are usually simply begging for a painting that comes with color, life and energy. Add this painting above the bed so that it will become the focal point of the room.


Although you might think that they are old fashioned, when it comes to the bedrooms’ wall décor tips you could be thinking about adding some colorful plates above the bed. This will add a country look to the bedroom. All you need are the plates and some adhesive hooks.

Usually, the wall décor ideas for bedrooms are about adding color to the room, or toning down the existing colors of the bedroom. Choose the option that pleases your eyes and that gives you peace of mind.


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