Modern Meets Classic – Introducing The Right Way To Renovate

Renovating the home decoration could be easily applied and stylishly managed, according to one of the leading Sacramento architects Curtis Popp.

home renovation 01He is offering a few ideas for transforming your home décor into a modern and comfortable living area. One of his suggestions is getting more space between the living room and the kitchen. Usually they are separated by a wall. Curtis knocked it down for letting more light and space inside the house.

home renovation 02Another of his ideas is decorating the house in a combination between old antique furniture and new and stylish artworks. For instance, you can decorate your living room with a modern painting or add it a new style with a trendy sofa and desk, usually labeled as vintage furniture.

home renovation 03The trick is to place the old furniture in the right position. The architect claims that putting together old and modern is the key for renovating of any home décor.

The home renovation is often an expensive investment, but Curtis is offering renovation for two bedrooms, one- bath apartment for 45,000 dollars.

home renovation 04His ideas are simply combinations between the contemporary design and the comfortable feeling of your old furniture.

home renovation 05


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