A Carpet – More Than A Choice Less Than A Real Challenge

Choosing the perfect carpet for your home isn’t that easy. Often the carpet is one of the things, which make your home cozy and comfortable, which is why when you are choosing a carpet, always take a small sample home.

carpetBefore buying the carpet, make sure it fits your home. This way you would be able to see how the chosen carpet matches your home decoration. Another tip for choosing the perfect carpet is to take a look at the current trends. Bright colors are good decisions for an eccentric home décor, but they don’t suit well for walls and furniture in neutral colors.

carpetsPlush and velvet carpets are a real challenge for every home, but their life-cycle is less than 15 years. A quality carpet lasts up to 15 years, especially those with a cut-pile twist. Lately carpet textures such as linen replaces the knitted fabric, because linen is a natural and an eco friendly material.

Neutral colors are now under the spotlights with creamy tones, warm nuances and white or grey shades. If you are searching for more long lasting carpets, then simply choose those made from sisal.

The sisal is a product of the agave plants in East Africa and makes one of the most famous and solid carpet textures. Another good option is choosing woven carpets, which are known for their good quality and high tenacity.


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