Brilliant Ideas for Sunroom Furniture!

There are different ways by using which you can change the look of otherwise simple looking homes. One of this is having a sunroof instead of the usual covered roof ceiling. Not only will this give you an entirely different look for your home, but will also help you save a lot of electricity which you otherwise need to use in order to light up the house in the day. With sunroofs, you will get all the natural light in the daytime. When you decide to have sunroofs for your house, you also need to decide on the type of furniture you will have in these rooms, because it indeed needs to be different than the usual furniture. Read the below given sunroom furniture ideas so that you can revamp your homes effectively.


  • Light colored furniture: Consider keeping light colored furniture like plain sofa sets in pastel shades or white colored, light beige or cream color. Keep the color plain and do not make it too much filled with textures.
  • Floral patterns: If you are choosing sunroofs for your drawing room, you can include light and fresh colored floral patterns for the fabric to be used on your furniture. Make sure that they are not in any dark colors.
  • Avoid bold colored fabric: Avoid all types of bold colored fabric for your furniture like deep red, black, browns, deep blues and purples etc. Avoid using thick textured fabric like velvet, silk or satin as they look a little heavy on the fresh atmosphere of a sunroom.
  • Wooden flooring: Try having wooden flooring for your sunroom. This gives a natural and fresh feel in the room where there is a natural source of light. You can choose any shade of wood, but make sure that you do not make a very heavy contrast between the wall color shade, furniture fabric and the shade of the wooden flooring.
  • Have wooden furniture: If you are going to keep chairs, side tables or sofas, it is ideal to have them wooden because it suits the best for a sunroom rather than fabricated furniture, which looks artificial and blank. Wooden furniture makes the sunroom look lively.
  • Bright cushions: When you choose a light colored fabric for the furniture, you can choose bright reds, pinks and oranges for the cushion covers so that it gives your room a funky look. If you want to opt for something sober, you can choose cool colors like shades of blue, green or purple.
  • Curtains: Choose light and transparent curtains for the rooms. Do not choose curtains which are totally opaque. Choose translucent colors in shades of white or beige. You can also go for sky blue or light pink curtains if it matches with your home décor otherwise.
  • Home accessories: Get lamp shades of latest sleek and contemporary designs. Do not crowd the room too much with show pieces and make sure you have a limited number of them. Do not keep antiques. Instead, keep murals or flower vases as show pieces.


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