6 Tips Choose a Remodeling Contractor

A project to remodel your house or office can be quite stressful. The whole situation might turn nightmarish if you lack confidence in the person who is in charge of the project or if the person is not suitable for your requirements. To spare yourself the horrors of such a situation and ensure that the remodeling goes according to the plan, you need to select a good remodeling contractor and the below given points will help you in the same:

tips choose a remodeling contractorSix Steps of Choosing a Remodeling Contractor


Talk to people about your need and find out if someone has employed a contractor for a similar job. Ask friends and relatives to share their experiences on this issue with you. Take note of how satisfied or unsatisfied they were with the final work and if they would like to go back to the remodeler for a second time.

Preliminary Research

Next, do a bit of research on the contractors who had received positive references. If they have a website it will be easier for you to get an idea of the kind of work they do. Also check that they have the required licenses from eligible authorities to do the kind of work you have in mind. If you have specific need then look accordingly at their expertise.

Shortlist People for Interview

Checking the websites and reading their credentials will help you short list a few people for your job. Remember to keep the final list actually short. If you are looking for a contractor for an official job, you might need them to bid for the project too and then select some people according to their bids.

Check References

You are now ready to call the shortlisted candidates for interview. While interviewing them it will be prudent on your part to ask about their other projects and references from their erstwhile employers, so that you can call them up and fact check on the candidates. You need to check the business experience of the remodeler. These are  few areas that you need to look at:

  • It is imperative to know if the company (or the individual) has a positive and trustworthy relationship with both their customers and peers.
  • Also check how long they have been in the business.
  • Find out if the remodeler has earned any professional designation.

Make a contract: After you have zeroed on a specific remodeler, it is time to make the contract official.

Final Contract: You must make sure that the contract they had made includes certain points like :

  • A bid price and a payment schedule
  • Specifics of the scope of work
  • An express limited warranty
  • Include clean up and debris removal
  • A clause about dispute resolution
  • A waiver of lien

Also make sure the contractor has necessary permission for all the requirements especially building permits. After you have checked all these points and are satisfied with them, you can go ahead and sign on the dotted line.


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