3 Reasons to Live in a New Home Before Renovating

Are you looking to start with a big home renovation project for your Edmonton real estate property? Before you call your contractor, you may want to take a step back and give your decision a second or even third thought. Here are three good reasons why you should first consider living first in your new home before undertaking any major renovations.

Reason to stay in new home

It may change your mind:

First and foremost, deciding to live in the house for about a few months may actually change your mind. This is because the renovations that you are planning remain exactly there – in your mind. Once you live inside the house, you will have a better feel of what the property has to offer.

With every day that you spend inside the house, you will know the tweaks that will work best for you. You will be able to determine if you can live with certain factors or not.

Give yourself a break:

Let’s face it, acquiring a new home involves a lot of money, effort, and emotions. Entering a huge home renovation project may not be the wisest decision to make, especially if you are still recovering from all the spending that took place. Not to mention all the stress involved in the project. So give yourself a break and reconsider your plans after a year or two.

Plan wisely:

Just like any other project, you need ample time to plan a major home renovation project. It involves talking to a lot of people like contractors, engineers, and architects, to name a few.

So take your time to plan accordingly before finally deciding to jump into a major project. Start by consulting a trusted contractor and ask for an estimate for the project that you have in mind.

If you decide to hire a contractor or architect in the middle of an escrow period, you will likely face some trouble in the future. Most home buyers tend to proceed with the home renovation immediately after acquiring the house. They have this mindset that they don’t want to pay any rent or mortgage. However, this may cause some serious implications in the future.

There are also home buyers who initially say that they don’t want to invest in a property that requires any major renovation. But at the end of the day, they still end up with a property that requires some major improvements. This is part of the home buying process, and you shouldn’t blame yourself if ever you find yourself in such a predicament. In the market for a property, contact Edmonton real estate agent Franco Maione today.



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