10 Plus 1 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Decorating

Did you notice that all the house decorating magazines always give us advice about what and how should we do to get a agreeable and functional residence?

home decorationBut there are so many things that one should not do when decorating a house and those you cannot find anywhere.

That is why after experiencing them at one point or another I feel compelled to share them.

1. Do not let anyone decide for you. I did the same mistake and got as a result a pink kitchen because my mother in law was crazy about pink. You have to remember that the house is your own space. You are allowed to ask for advice and opinions but do not let them take the decision.

2. Do not hurry with choosing the wall paint. I got stuck with blue walls and brown furniture because I bought the furniture after painting the walls. The better way is to do it upside down because it’s easier to match the walls with the furniture when the furniture is already bought.

wall painting3. Do not decide upon the colors in the shop. Getting samples is a good idea. I chose a burgundy sofa for my living and when it arrived, it looked horrible in my light although in the shop the color was amazing.

4. Do not turn your favorite color in the main color of your house. My son’s later trend is black on everything. After insisting I let him paint his room in black. You can imagine the view and the psychological effect that followed.

5. Do not put together more than three colors. One is tiresome, two are dull, three are just right. I saw the house of my friend in olive, red, blue and orange and I almost had a heart attack.

6. Do not forget to focus the room. I had the experience of my living room looking chaotic before I have centered it on a coffee table. Focusing the room creates balance.

7. Do not let furniture hanging. Too much furniture in the room gets uncomfortable. I remember having six chairs in a room and the crowded effect they created when people were inside sitting on them.

bedroom decoration8. Do not invest in fashion. Fashion comes and goes and becomes a huge drain of wasted money. I have both an art deco lamp because I loved it and after I put it in my classical decorated bedroom I understood how rash I was to do that.

9. Do not keep “lost” furniture. The pieces of furniture that do not match the ensemble have to go. Did you ever see a house with all kinds of furniture in it? It looks like a bazaar and you can trust me when I say it is not a pretty picture.

10. Do not display all your personal items. All of us are collectors. We tend to gather during a life time all kinds of precious nothings that we are so proud off. Putting all of them on display is not a good idea.

11. Do not forget the details. The things that are making our houses unique are usually the ones we tend to ignore. I had a beautiful vase that I use to keep on the floor. It didn’t occur to me how much better it would look on the table, filled with flowers until a dear friend told me I was wasting it.These mistakes we make are usually very easy to fix and any help avoiding them is welcomed.


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