Add Colors To Give An Eye Catching Look To Your Kitchen!

Thinking of re-modeling the kitchen area or constructing a new kitchen? Want to color the kitchen with different colors? Then know the different specifications in colors which add color to the kitchen area.


Color is the most important aspect of any room and it carries an equal importance in decorating the room or adding elegance to the room. In the same way, kitchen also has equal importance for the color and is responsible for adding elegant look.

Kitchen is the most used place in the home. If the kitchen is the most used place in the home, then it should be made as the most lovable place of the home too.

We spend maximum time of our day in the kitchen for working. By converting the kitchen area into a lovable place, you are making the time you are spending in the kitchen also lovable.

You can make the kitchen area lovable by adding different kitchen cabinets, lighting and kitchen furniture. But all these kitchen accessories will not add elegance to the kitchen without proper background. The proper background to the kitchen is given by paint or color.

If proper color is chosen according to the cabinets and other kitchen accessories, the beauty of the kitchen doubles. Color brings completeness to the entire kitchen and its accessories.

Kitchen coloring:

Color wheel: The color wheel plays a very important role in coloring any part of the house. Use the color wheel concept in kitchen coloring also. The coloring based on the color wheel depends on different types of color schemes such as

  • Complementary colors: Lie opposite the color wheel, choosing this color give bolder and multi-colored colors.
  • Analogs colors: Lie close to each other, choosing this gives dissimilar colors and intensity to the kitchen.
  • Monochromatic scheme: Uses basic colors, this scheme tends to give a soothing effect for the kitchen.
  • Triadic scheme: This selects the colors which are at equal distance on the color wheel and give an energetic and dramatic look to the kitchen.

60-30-10 rule: Following this rule in the kitchen area will bring a different look to the kitchen area and make the kitchen look great and beautiful. Painting will be made simple by following this simple 60-30-10 rule. The elegant kitchen you see in the magazines follow this technique to bring an eye-catching look to the kitchen.

The kitchen should be divided into 60-30-10 and coloring is done according to the percentages. Make sure that you are using a predominant color to the kitchen area in 60% followed by a secondary color in 30% and the accent color which add sparkle to the room in 10%.

By following this technique, you are making the kitchen look complete with colors. Filling the kitchen area with a single color is boring, so by adding different colors you can make the kitchen area look elegant.

Follow the pattern: If you are planning to paint a kitchen which is already in use, then follow this technique. You will have different kitchen accessories and have your own kitchen scheme.

By painting a color which is different from the kitchen scheme will make your kitchen look awkward. So, prefer a color that matches the kitchen accessories and the kitchen theme. Keeping in mind about the kitchen scheme will give an idea about the coloring scheme of the kitchen.


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