iChime Door Bell That Welcomes Your Guests With A Song Or Your Recorded Voice!

We have filled our lives with music and its elements. Music has entered every part of our life and has become our bodily parts.

IPods, music systems, and many more music equipments play a very important role in today’s man’s life. With the great developments in music, there evolved a doorbell that has the features of an Mp3 player.

ichime doorbell

This is known as iChime doorbell that has the features of an Mp3 player. This doorbell can hold 50 of your favorite songs and can play when anyone presses the doorbell.

This is also inbuilt with 6 iChime tunes, which can change from time-to-time according to your needs. You can even add custom sounds or your own voice sounds with the inbuilt microphone for welcoming the guests to your home with your voice.

There are many iChime doorbells sounds that suits various occasions or just suit your fun mood such as:

  • Halloween
  • Holiday
  • Special occasions
  • Animals
  • Chimes
  • Sports

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