Wise Ideas to Utilize Kitchen Shelf at its Best

The kitchen is a very important place in every home as your health depends on your kitchen and its products. You must therefore keep your kitchen clean and clutter free.

But several times you may see that with time your kitchen items have increased but not the space. That is why you need to take into considerations a few tips that will help you to increase your kitchen space even without tearing down and rebuilding that area.

kitchen shelves

Best Utilization of Kitchen Shelves

The initial premise of your work must be to separate out the various types of kitchen items you have. You can categorize them under:

  • cooking and regular use utensils
  • cutlery
  • spices
  • dry food items
  • liquid or semi-solid food items
  • gadgets like mixer, grinder, coffee maker, microwave oven and toaster
  • utensils for special occasions
  • serving bowls

Once you have made these divisions, you can start putting all the day to day items in the existing shelves and that are within your reach.

  • Make sure that you do not keep the electronic gadgets near the stove or oven. If you have a shelf alongside the oven store your baking utensils there.
  • You can buy organizers that are sturdy and come with open shelves to store plastic or fiber ware. This will reduce the risk of these from falling and breaking.
  • There are plywood drawer chests available that are perfect for storing a wide gamut of items. Keep your cutlery, fancy dinner plates, and glasses here. Utilize the top of the chest to keep light weight gadgets like the coffee grinder, mixer, slicer and chopper. You can connect these to the socket as and when you need them.
  • There are slanting shelves available for your canned items.
  • The best way to store spices is by keeping them where you can easily reach them. If you want a fancy look, get a spice rack that saves space and can be placed on your counter top.
  • Make sure that you keep all your not-frequently-used items on the top shelves and the most utilized ones at your reach to avoid confusion.

Word of Advice

You kitchen door can take up some space. You can use sliding doors for your kitchen or plan an open kitchen. Try and utilize the back of your kitchen door to keep the trash can. It saves space and also does not clutter your work area.

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