Make your Kitchen Space Seem Bigger- Tips and Tricks

Every woman and most housewives dreams of having a big and very spacious kitchen space. A nice and big kitchen not only accommodates a large number of things but also enables you to work effectively. But most of us have small kitchens which can make it difficult to cook, clean and eat properly.  Thus to help you with the problem we have picked up tips and tricks that can make your kitchen appear bigger and spacious.

tips for kitchen space seem bigger

Color the Kitchen Beige/White

White color if put on walls creates depth in the room. Light pastel colors can also be used but white/ beige are always preferred. With these light colors the kitchen will look more spacious and have more light.

Make Way for More Sunlight

Kitchen should always be well lit up. There should be ample of sunlight also in the kitchen. If you can increase the height or the width of the kitchen window then it will allow more sunlight to pass through and the kitchen and it will start looking very big. If this cannot be done then add more CFL bulbs which can lit up the area well and also won’t increase the electricity bill.

Buy Smart Two in One Electronic Equipments

These days a lot of two in one electronic items are available in the market. It is always advisable to buy such equipments because they will occupy less space. Oven and microwave can be bought as a combo device. There are toasters which can grill and make waffles also. So buy smartly and use such electronics.

Hang Racks on the Smaller Available Spaces

There is ample of space between the cabinets and the kitchen slab. You can put a rod there and then hang a few racks on them. Spoons, forks, knives, cups and saucers, ketchup and other items can be stored on such racks. You can put the foil wraps, cling film wraps and tissue paper rolls also on such racks. This type of storage comes very handy and leaves a lot of extra storage space.

Use More of Glass or Acrylic Furniture

Use of glass or acrylic can make your homes look bigger because they let you see through a substance and does not block the view of the eye. If you are planning to buy a small dining table in the kitchen then use a glass top or use acrylic chairs. They will not block the view of the eye and will give a sense of depth to the place.

Install Smart Accessories in the Corner Areas

A lot of smart accessories are available in the market these days which help you to utilize all the corners of the kitchen which otherwise get wastage. Install such accessories and make use of allthe available space.

Clutter Free the Kitchen

Keep the kitchen clutter free. Do not hoard trash. Throw away all the unwanted utensils and boxes and you will have ample of space in your kitchen which you would have never even thought of.


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