Basic Steps To Follow In Curtain Selections For Adding Grace To The Windows


Adding curtains is the most inexpensive way of decorating the home.

These fabrics add elegance to the home interiors while controlling the sun exposures.

Every home has its own respective curtain needs such as privacy, limiting daylight and security from flying insects.

Furniture, painting, room accessories such as wall papers and chandeliers change the look of the room, but these are meant for the room interiors.

What about the window decoration? Curtains are very important for changing the look of the windows and adding style to the windows.

All the accessories add elegance to the rooms ignoring windows, but curtains give a different look to the room while treating the windows.

There are world full of varieties and choosing from different patterns and fabrics is very hard and some times you may even end up with wrong decisions. Different rooms have different curtain requirements, so choose accordingly.

The basic requirements to follow in selecting curtains are common for every room, while some people prefer to choose the curtains according to the furniture; some choose the curtains according to the color of the walls.

There are some basic steps to follow in curtain selection:

Color of the curtains: Colors play an important role in changing the look of the room. Complementary colors, analog colors, monochromatic colors in the color wheel play an important role in changing the look of the surroundings. Colors are also used as decorative items for adding elegance to the rooms.

When it comes to curtain colors, see that these colors match the other colors of the room such as the furniture colors, wall colors and different accessories colors.

The most common colors of the curtains which match all the colors are plain white curtains with natural floral designs.

If you are experimenting with the curtains and want to bring the expensive look to the room, then choose a color that matches completely or contrasts with the other room colors. Hang the fabric on the window and step back and see how the fabric looks.

Does the fabric matches with the other colors? Is it contrast? Is it looking awkward and aloof from the other colors? Tally all these conditions and then select the fabric.

Fitting: You must see that the fabric exactly matches and fits the window size. If the size of the window is small and if you choose long fabric, this amplifies the size of the window and makes it look bigger and vice versa in case of big windows.

Window curtains that are long and which seem like touching the ground gives a formal look to the room and curtains which are shorter give a casual look to the room.

Light penetration: Stopping the harshness of the sun rays is one of the reasons to hang the curtains, so choose curtains which are made of strong fabrics. If the window allows lot of afternoon sun into the room, then choose a fabric that controls the sun penetration.

If your window is near to the evening sunset, then a light fabric is suggested. If you are thriving for bringing privacy to the room, then prefer strong and thick fabric as curtains for your windows and doors.

Curtain hardware: Many neglect this section when choosing curtains for windows and doors. When you select the curtain and getting it tailored, remember the hardware such as curtain rod materials, finials, swag holders etc.

Choose the fabric according to the hardware, sometimes if you chose a fabric that does not support the hardware, you may have a perforated curtain.


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