Tips and Ideas to Have a Perfect Contemporary Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most prime action spaces in a household – the busiest zone and of course the indispensable room in a house where all the food is made! A contemporary kitchen unlike the traditional kitchens has ample gadgets, electric appliances and equipment that make your work faster and hassle-free.

The styles and designs that have emerged in the world of interior decoration these days have been focussing greatly on the decor of contemporary kitchens as well. Now you can blend utility, style and artistry within the walls of kitchen as well. Here are few tips and ideas that will help you to build a perfect modern kitchen –

perfect contemporary kitchenStreamlined Kitchen Cabinets

These days a clean, streamlined look of kitchen cabinets are popular! The surface designs should be continuous and in the lightest of shades to give a seamless look. You can incorporate plenty storage areas and one perpendicular wall with small cabinets and covered with walnut coloured doors would complete the look.

Modern and Crisp

Contemporary kitchen do not have too many curves and bends. The clean lines, striking neutral hues and crisp edges give the real modern look. You can select cabinets and other kitchen furniture with square corners, angular edged appliances and straight lined pendant lights.

Stainless Steel Impact

In kitchen designing, materials used play a vital role! You can of course use a mixture of materials like wrought iron, steel, wood and glass – but you need to assemble them in a cool and soothing colour palette so that they don’t look stark and odd.

Most people go for dark mahogany colour cabinets and stainless steel appliances – stainless steel as a part of kitchen decor is not only easy to maintain but also looks classy! The shimmer of the steel makes the kitchen look truly gorgeous.

Open Shelves

This is for those kitchens that prefer to stay away from grease and oil. You can implement the idea of floating granite shelves that are both durable and easy to stock on. Apart from giving you a functional storage space, they add a geometrical pattern to the kitchen, where you can store your jars and also the cutlery sets. Clean, airy and easy to reach shelves are ‘healthy’ in every way.

Brightly Coloured Cabinets

Contemporary kitchens are bright and cheerful – thus you need to give bold and specific design statements. If colour is what that you want to be predominant in the design then add bright splashes of colours and designs; the backdrop walls, light fixtures, and tangerine cabinets all can complement in the colour scheme if the combination is done correctly!

Linear Designs

For contemporary kitchens, linear impact can make a huge difference. This concept involves horizontal lines all along the walls, furniture and ceilings to give a striking effect. The commanding tone of lines goes prominent with any material you use. Linear wood beams along the ceiling indeed give a modern and bold look.

Glassy Glow

Glass is one material that can add elegance and aesthetics to your kitchen together. Long panelled glass windows will give an airy and sunny kitchen; apart from this you can also incorporate glass as the cabinet doors or the shelves; frosted glass doors are particularly popular these days (also keeps the contents hidden in style). 1920s started this style and till date it has not been old!

Tips for Kitchen with Modern Designs

  • Keep it clean. There is no place to keep the kitchen clumsy and cluttered; the mess will spoil your design whatsoever.
  • Use glass, wood and stainless steel utensils and cutlery – its classy and also eco-friendly.
  • Personalize your kitchen with the things of your interest; this will not only keep you engaged in the space but also increase your zeal and vitality. If you love reading, add a small book shelf on a wall and keep some ‘cook books’.
  • Use the black and white theme; it never goes wrong!
  • Light and bright contemporary kitchens serve you a spacious outlook. Peach coloured golden granite countertops, pale yellow walls and white coloured doors and windows would be a perfect combo!
  • If you are covering the floor with carpet, keep it of neutral colour – not too dark or too light. Both has its pros and cons.
  • Going ‘green’ is the theme of today’s world – plant some small plants and tubs of flowery bushes on the window pale. It’s healthy and refreshing.


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