Country Garden Ideas for a Fresh Summer Look

There is no better time to add a charming look to your garden than in summer. If you lack inspiration , a large budget  and the space to make significant changes, the country look can help you add a bit of fresh air to your existing garden and turn it into the best place to receive guests.

Country Garden Ideas for a Fresh Summer Look

Pots with Aromatic Plants

In case you like the idea of having a fresh scented but also mosquito free garden place, fill the walking paths and the space on the sides of the house with large pots in which you can plant aromatic plants. Basil, rosemary, thyme and so many others can be found in any garden shop and you just have to display them smartly for a fresh country look.

1, 2, 3 Garden Canopy

Imagine you build a mock-up tent for kids and carefully make a cube using long rods or wood waste. Cover it with a lovely sheet or tablecloth with embroidered or crafty details and you will have a romantic looking canopy. You simply need a blanket and some throw pillows and you have a lovely country side sitting space ready to receive guests.

Pergola Refuge

In case you are lucky enough to have a pergola flooded with green vines, you can create a country garden air in no time. Simply position old school sitting benches or lounge chairs under the pergola and add some vintage looking lights and you have the best place to relax during cool summer evenings.

Floral Prints

Noting says more “country garden style” than floral prints . You can use them for chairs, a summer bench canvas, throw pillows, porch curtains or table cloths and you will get the best summery look possible.

Garden Gates

If you choose to have a country garden look add a vintage touch to your garden gate. It’s all about the right type of paint and the place the gate is set in. Make sure there is plenty of vegetation surrounding it and you will add a bit of country style mystery.

Roses, Summer Flowers and Green Patches

It is logical for a garden to have as much green as possible. Because the country style gardens are by definition anything but organized, spots of green vegetation and summer flowerscan paint an air of plenitude even if the space is not large enough to accommodate a large amount of plants. In case you don’t have space, a climbing rose bush in bloom can make the whole garden look amazing. Place under it a rugged looking bench and you have ready a picturesque country garden look.


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