5 Bold and Unexpected Bathroom Décor Choices

You’re looking to make a few changes in your bathroom, but don’t want to go the predictable route. Whether you’re on a tight budget and want to make a few simple changes,like a new bathroom vanity, or you have the money for a more comprehensive redesign, incorporate a bold and unexpected bathroom décor idea to make the room more fun and attractive.

Chalkboard Wall

With a paintbrush or roller, you can transform any wall into a chalkboard on which you can write messages and draw pictures in chalk and erase them. A bathroom wall is an especially bold choice for a chalkboard wall, and not just because black is such a stark, appealing color. Simply put, chalkboard walls are enjoyable for all ages. Encourage people to draw on the walls — the chalkboard walls, anyway.

Illusion Wall

An illusion wall is an incredible décor choice in a bathroom. No matter if you’re bathing or justusing the toilet, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Having something beautiful to look at while you’re in there will make the room feelmore relaxing. An illusion wall is a wall painted to look like a scene. For example, you may have a professional painter make your bathroom wall seem like:

  • The sea
  • A forest
  • A desert
  • The beach
  • A rustic cabin
  • A snowy mountain

Get creative. Think of a scene that’s appealing to you and transform a blank, boring bathroom wall into a canvas.

Screen Divider

Screen dividers are elegant and like a collapsible, portable canvas. Not many people think to put them in their bathrooms, but they make a beautiful and functional addition to most bathrooms. With a divider, the toilet becomes more private.This can allow a family member to use the sink during a busy morning while someone occupies the toilet. Wrap the divider around a shower or tub — especially a freestanding tub— and the bathing experience is even more indulgent. Paint whatever you want on the canvas or buy a premade design.

Multiple Mirrors

Who says each bathroom can only have one mirror per sink? There’s plenty of blank space on most bathroom walls, so fill that extra space with mirrors. The more antique or funkier the mirrors, the better. Walking into a bathroom with as many as four or eight or a dozen mirrors will not only surprise your guests, but will prove functional if you and a roommate or family member share a bathroom and you both need to use the mirror. Hang the mirrors in different directions and at different angles for an extra bold touch.

Painted Ceramic

Most bathtubs, toilets and sinks are white. If your original bathroom designers got creative, they maybe a light shade of yellow or beige instead. In any case, the ceramic that makes up so much of the room is boring. Paint the ceramic with special waterproof paint in bright, bold color schemes.

The DIY Network stresses that bolder colors, like a stark black-and-white décor scheme, are not only unexpected, but surprisingly pleasing for a bathroom design. Put aside the creams, the whites and the beiges; choose colors bold but still pleasant, like black against white, lush greens, bright reds, purple and deep blues. Pick one color, two contrasting colors, or if you’re looking for something wild, a rainbow of bright colors.

A bold and unexpected design choice in the bathroom get guests talking and potential home buyers in awe of what they see. Perhaps more importantly, bold bathroom design turns an otherwise bland room into a place where you’re more likely to take a long bath or shower and relax. Your only limitsare your budget and your imagination.

About the Author:Phyllis Anderson is a contributing writer and a decorator who specializes in eclectic design.


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