10 Tips to Create a Successful Rain Garden

A rain garden is an area of the shape of a bowl in a yard that collects all the rainwater from the roof, the driveway and all other parts of the house and allows it to soak into the soil rather than causing any kind of water pollution.  These gardens act like the best means to reduce pollution at home and also help in making the rest of the garden attractive and beautiful.  The following are some of the tips to create a rain garden:

rain garden

  1. The first step is to select a suitable location for the garden.  For this, it is best to look for an area where the water in the yard flows to and should be a slightly sloping part of the yard.  Never make a rain garden over underground utility lines or over a septic system.
  2. The next step is to figure out the size of the rain garden.  For this, you must remember that the ideal size of the rain garden depends on the size of the area that drains into it.
  3. A good tip to create a rain garden is to make a plan draft on a sheet of paper first.  This will help you in the digging process and will give you a clear idea of what the construction should be like.
  4.  After doing this, you can use strings or stakes to mark the area of the yard in which the rain garden is to be made.
  5. The next step or tip is to determine the depth of the rain garden.  The ideal depth is dependent upon the level of slope.
  6. The next step in creating a rain garden is to start the digging as per the decided depth of the garden.
  7. A useful tip is to drive a stake at each of the ends of the garden area and then put a string from one stake to the other stake in such a way that the string is tied at the lower end of each of the stakes.
  8. Dig the whole area in the same way and regularly measure the depth from the level of the string to the base.
  9. Another good tip is to add compost to enable new plants to grow and enhance the permeability.
  10. The last tip is to level the bottom of the basin and avoid compacting the soil.

Photo Credit By: 12000raingardens.org


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