7 Most Common Plants for Home Vegetable Gardens

We all may be doing our share of carpooling, walking, biking and sharing to conserve fuel and reduce hazardous effects on the environment. But there is something else gaining popularity and importance as we all grow conscious of our responsibilities and duties towards environment. That is, we see a growth in the number of home vegetable gardens all over the world.

Gardening own vegetable at home is a fresh and relaxing way to preserve the environment and has many other benefits like home grown vegetable improve our health and also save us money.

common plants for home vegetable gardensSo here are few of the most common plants that can be grown in the home garden:

1. Tomatoes

Vegetable (fruit) can be easily grown in one’s home vegetable garden. That is probably why it is also one of the most commonly grown vegetable. Tomato plant needs very little water and loads of sunlight to blossom all summer. So grow tomatoes and experience the pleasure of using freshly picked tomatoes.

2. Carrots

These root vegetables are to be planted in a deep area free of rocks for edible and aesthetically vibrant produce. So place the seeds about 15 inches apart, one inch deep, in rows and sparingly water the seeds for about 10- 15 days. The plant will be full grown when the top of the carrot shows above the soil.

3. Beans

These plants germinate quickly and each produces huge amounts of tasty beans. These are available in many varieties of colours, sizes and shapes. Beans are thus one of the most commonly grown plants in a home garden and they go with almost all food types.

4. Spinach

This vegetable is the best source of iron and is an essential ingredient to almost all salad types while also being a great addition to the soups and other food items. There are many varieties available and the fact that the seed is very easy to grow make it a popular and common site in the vegetable gardens.

5. Basil

An essential herb that complements a lot of vegetables especially tomatoes is a must grow option for home vegetable gardens. The herb is very easy to grow so you can also experiment with the different varieties like Thai basil, lime basil etc. and continue with the one you like the most.

6. Sweet/ Bell Peppers

Many people grow sweet peppers in their home gardens with bell peppers being the most common variety. These are easy to grow and turn colour when left to ripen on the plant. They all of varied level of sweetness but are all definitely in the list of the most commonly grown plant in home gardens.

7. Cucumbers

The cucumber plants thrive in heat and hence are best to be planted in summers. Putting up only a couple of plants will provide you with produce enough for a single family. The smaller varieties can be grown for pickling along with the others with equal amounts of ease.


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