7 Tips for Decorating Gardens

Decorating the gardens seems to be a fun-filled activity, but there is more than what we think there is. Garden is a world of its own, and therefore, when we decorate it with our ideas and feelings, we must take care of so many things to yield best results.

Ornaments place a high value in the decoration of gardens. They add aesthetic appeal and a sense of homeliness that gardens often lack. Also, colors, which make gardens look livelier and more involved in our lives.

Selecting the right ornaments and putting them in good use require patience and knowledge of what the curator of the garden wants. This job may seem easy, but it is not, and that is why we have come up with seven tips for decorating your garden the right way.

7 tips for decorating gardens

So, without further ado, here is a list of a few really helpful tips:

1. Ornaments as finishing

Garden ornaments serve as great guides as to how you utilize your outer space, and there are many ways to make use of these guides.

Use ornaments as finishing. For example, you can get installed a wrought-iron gate at the entrance of the garden, or hang a lantern, or maybe put somewhere under a tree a curved bench to relax, etc.

The importance of this is that it gives your garden space a complete look in every season. However, remember not to stuff your garden with ornaments—it will become crowded and unsightly.

2. Patina is there for you

Patina became famous when a couple while renovating their ranch house, desired to create a landscape with the help of patina. They brought together a green palette of plants containing Chinese elm trees, cypress, and pepper and placed it amid Virginia creeper, white Iceberg roses and rosemary. The outcome was spectacular.

Patina never gets lost in gardens. They are always there contrasting with the green color all over the place.

In order to get best results out of patina, study well and/or seek assistance from professionals.

3. Embellishing garden entrances

Whether you have a big or a small entrance, you should decorate it to create an aesthetic effect.

You can create discrete spaces running in a sequence and connected with walkways and stony pathways to create a strong sense of expansiveness and mystery to your everyday walk. To add some sound, you can add tiny bells wrapped around the gate, tinkling with the touch of a breeze.

If you want to give a grand reception to your garden, you can install iron arches or Victorian gates, or cover the gate with vines. You can plant citrus trees, palms or bougainvillea to augment entrances.

4. Lighting is a must

Lights give your gardens a strange sense of respite from the darkness. Apart from that, they are curiously attractive to the onlooker. It is, therefore, recommended that while decorating your garden, you should pay attention to lights.

Hang designer lights from the trees to punctuate roundabouts and patios. Do not randomly install lights anywhere you think there is space. Instead, find out the places where lights will highlight the surroundings better—work on the angles.

The current trend is that small lights are preferred over bigger ones, but much of the choice will depend upon the scale of your garden.

5. Flaunt your plant collections

If you have an amazing plant collection, it is time show them off. Get yourself stylish or simple furniture, whatever your preference is—for the exhibition of your collection. You can display them on a pine table or a DIY chest of drawers to accentuate its beauty.

You must make sure your collection stands out. If you let them mingle with other plants in the garden, nobody will notice your collection and you may end up feeling disheartened.

6. Fountains, of course

Fountains are the epitome of grace. When fountains are installed in gardens, they help in accentuating the beauty of gardens through sounds and their ethereal colors. That is why you must have fountains.

Depending upon the scale of the garden, you decide the size of the fountain. Also, pay attention to the design of the fountains—whether you want columnar-shaped ones or you want Italian cypress trees around. There are so many things to be done before installing fountains in the gardens.

Study them before deciding anything.

7. Some historical touch will do

Get some ancient touch-up to your garden. You can have a concrete pharaoh sculpture sitting somewhere amid the bushes or a lion head beside a bench. The choice is yours but exercise it wisely.

Place these objects in a manner that makes them assume a subtle presence in the garden.

Here are some more tips to look your garden decoration more beautiful.


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