Points To Consider While Growing Indoor Plants

There are several things you should consider when picking what plants to have indoors, and once you have made your choices in terms of what kind of plants you will use, there are certain other points to consider:

Points To Consider While Growing Indoor Plants

Use Planters:  Using planters to house your pots is an excellent idea if you want to add an extra decorative element to your green display. It can be a style statement and can add color to the area as well.

Also a planter will protect your flooring from water stains form when you water your plants and also from the scratches and damage that will inevitably be caused by your potted plants.

Place Appropriately: The plant should get an optimal amount of light: the rule of thumb for this is, if your plant becomes leggy, it’s not getting enough light.

If you notice large brown spots on the leaves, it may be getting too much light. Rotate the plant periodically so that each portion receives light. Sometimes it may be necessary to put the plant out doors for it to rejuvenate.

Watering: Rule of thumb here is water when required. Rather than watering everyday or every week or periodically, you should water when the soil dries out.


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