Lovely Shades of Gray for Your Home Décor

Grey isn’t just a mixture of black and white. In fact, it offers unlimited possibilities for your home. Don’t forget that there are numerous shades of grey (not only fifty) that you can play around with and that can bring your home to new life.

Lovely Shades of Gray for Your Home Décor

Gray, Orange and Neutrals

To add a welcoming energy to your living room, consider using the colors of natural stone and warm gray. The color of the furnishings should be kept neutral. Add a gray colored sectional armchair and an ottoman with geometrical patterns for a more dramatic effect. It is the ottoman that should come with orange shades to add a splash of color to the room.

Gray, White and Yellow

To make a statement in your bathroom, consider using gray tiles. Make sure that you have a mirror on the wall and this should have ornate sides to add drama to the bathroom and for it to become the focal point of the room. In order to make the room look brighter, add yellow window shades.

Gray, Jute and Fuchsia

Think about using fuchsia along with other electric colors, mixed with neutral shades and a bit of gray to achieve a city meets country look. If you are thinking about using natural elements, like wood, make sure that you choose grays with brown undertones.

Gray, Pink and Mint

You can have modern and vintage in the same room. For example you may have vintage furniture in a room with gray walls, which will offer the room a modern backdrop. Add a closet in a minty color and mix it with pastel pink accents.

Bluish Gray and Orange

In case you are thinking about remodeling the kitchen, you should give having bluish gray cabinets a thought. If you add orange walls you will be able to tone the orange down. Another advantage is that the bluish gray will reflect the light and it will make small kitchens look larger.

Pewter, Powder Pink and Ebony

You can have all kinds of gray objects in your room as long as you also have some colorful accents, such as pink. In the same time you might also need some neutrals to bring the room down to earth. In order to make the room look more airy, you should have some aged white objects. This is a color that you could use for the windowsills or the coffee table.


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