Caring For A Pond In Your Backyard

pond maintenanceDo you have a pond in your back yard? Not unlike owning a large aquarium, regular maintenance of a backyard pond is crucial for maintaining a beautiful and healthy environment.

Here are a few helpful tips on pond maintenance:

Regularly check the pond

The health of your pond is very important, as it can build up problems in no time. Regularly check for common problems like algae growth or white spots on your fish. It is also important to test pH levels of ammonia and nitrate.

Clean pond filter

Like an aquarium, it is advisable to keep filters in your pond. In order to make your pond filter function properly, clean it regularly.

However, it is not necessary to clean the filter medium completely. Simply leave some good bacteria in your pond filter to fight against bad bacterium.

Plant water lilies

Cover 60% of your pond surface with water lilies. They not only enhance the look of your pond, but they can help to keep the temperature of the water low and also restrict excess algae growth.

Don’t feed fishes unnecessarily

During winter, never feed fish in your pond unless the water temperature reaches 10°C. Even if they seem to be actively searching for food, they actually live on fat reserves and roots of plants. If you feed them unnecessarily, uneaten food can certainly pollute the water.


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