Backyard Ponds: Another Private World For You At Your Back Door!

Backyard PondsDo you love a beautifully decorated pond with lots of fishes and plants in your backyard?

Backyard ponds are becoming popular, as they are simplest sources to add some animal life into your garden.

They are greatest sources of fun and enjoyment and it is a wonderful place for you to relax from all the stress of your day.

Backyard ponds are usually smaller ponds, not more than 2 feet in radius. They are installed in the backyard of your homes, where one can view the pond from the decks or patios.

Apart from providing an artistic experience for you and your family, backyard ponds are also valuable for a variety of wild life like fish, frogs, insects, birds, etc.,

Consider these essential things while installing a backyard pond!

Installing a backyard pond is as plain or complex as you desire it to be. In fact, it is always recommended to start with a simple design and then gradually make it as complex as possible, depending on your taste and requirement.

Before installing a backyard pond, there are certain things which you need to consider.

  • As a first step, you need to do some research regarding water gardening in your state. For instance, you should know how to treat your backyard pond during winter or spring seasons.
  • If you want to add fishes in your pond, then while purchasing them ask certain questions and discuss with the people at the store regarding the maintenance of fishes [Tips to maintain fish tank].
  • As fishes eat most of tadpoles and eggs of frogs, try to provide plenty of hiding and feeding covers for the frogs.
  • Try to install the plant in such a place where there is an easy accessibility to electricity. Water pump, pond filter and also UV filter are certain essential things for you to consider while installing a backyard pond.
  • Water plants add more beauty to your backyard pond and also help in its functionality. Oxygenator is the most important water plant which you must add in your pond. Other than oxygenator, any other water plant which is mainly useful in maintaining oxygen level in water is also beneficial for your pond.
  • Algae! This is the main problem in most of the ponds maintenance. Over feeding of fishes or other animals and excessive fertilization of plants present in side the ponds are the main sources for algae to grow.

Always maintain balanced ecosystem in your backyard ponds!

One of the most important goals of designing a backyard pond is to create a balanced ecosystem. If you succeed in maintaining a balanced ecosystem in your pond, then by default your backyard pond will work continuously to clean on its own.

If you don’t maintain balanced ecosystem, then your pond becomes the main source for algae growth and also for mosquito breeding. The only best way to avoid this problem is to add enough plants and animals in your pond, as they will regulate the pond well and maintains healthy environment.


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