Interesting House Exterior Designs for Split Level Buildings

Split level design for homes offers an economical use of the plot and the right design of your exterior can change the overall look and utility of your house. This is the reason why most of the people look forward to remodeling their split level exterior in the process of refurbishing their houses.

However if you are planning to design it yourself then you might face various troubles because split level designing can be very tricky at times.

Below given are some of the interesting design ideas that can be used as the exterior of your split level building. Do get additional suggestion from your designer before executing on these –

ranch style exterior

Ideas for Exterior Design for Split Level

Ranch Style Exterior

If you have a split level exterior then ranch suited design is the most attractive designs that you can opt for. The ranch style gives emphasis to bigger windows, a sloping outdoor with minimal detailing. Giving a more traditional look to the house, the ranch style outdoors doesn’t require much maintenance. This kind of style is also suitable for expanding families.

Three Dimensional Styles

If you want to build a unique home which stands apart in the neighborhood then opting for this design is the best option for you. The design includes special attention to each and every detailing of the house including brick type and stones used.

Your house is not two dimensional but three dimensional and keeping this aspect in mind, this design approach gives equal importance to the front as well as to the sides and rears of the house.

Rear Porch Style

A split level exterior with front and rear porch might sound like an amazing idea. With better utilization of the outdoor space, this design also gives utmost importance to the small detailing of the house to make it stand apart from all the other houses in the neighborhood.

This type of outdoor design leaves a lot of room for the interior designers to design a fully fledged house. Apart from the above given, there are a number of other designs available as well.

Split level exteriors if planned tactfully can help you to get large storage spaces in the interiors or may be completely new mid-level flooring that you can utilize for office or nursery purposes. Thus, explore all the possibilities of split level exteriors and have a smart architecture for your sweet abode.

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